Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Technologies for safe, environmentally compliant wastewater treatment systems and sewage treatment plant operations.

Technologies for safe, environmentally compliant wastewater treatment systems and sewage treatment plant operations.

What is Industrial Wastewater Treatment?

Industrial wastewater presents some significant purification challenges before it can be reused or released into the environment. Industrial wastewater treatment is required to remove contaminants and ensure that industries are fully compliant with regional industrial wastewater treatment standards. Wastewater treatment also helps companies save money by enabling the reuse of water in their industrial processes and minimising waste processing costs.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Veolia Water Technologies provides a range of water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment systems suitable for all major industries including food and beverage, automotive, mining, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and power. Veolia provides tailored solutions and processes, specifically designed to meet challenging wastewater treatment requirements. The necessary industrial wastewater treatment plant is determined based upon these requirements and might involve the use of evaporation, filtration, clarification, aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment technologies.

Benefits of Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Effective industrial wastewater treatment can produce both clean and reusable water, as well as reducing overall waste production. Here are some key benefits:

  • Wastewater treatment reduces the amount of waste released into the environment
  • Water loss due to water pollution is reduced or eradicated
  • Potentially harmful contaminants are not released into the environment
  • Sludge treatment can recover reusable methane - Natural fertilizer can be recovered and used in agriculture
  • Simplified waste disposal significantly reduces costs.
  • Regional wastewater treatment and effluent standards can be met and maintained, and compliance can be continuously monitored

A Veolia-patented high-performance water clarifier for municipal and industrial water treatment.

High surface area plastic media that optimises biological growth in pond water applications.

Discfilter offers a large filtering area in a small footprint for municipal effluent polishing and industrial water reuse.

A biological wastewater treatment solution combining activated sludge and moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) processes for nitrogen removal.


Our teams of industry experts work with you to supply the water technologies and services you need to overcome challenges in your market.

Delivering compliant process and waste to recovery water for pharmaceutical/cosmetic needs.

Delivering ingredient water and waste to resource services in the food and beverage industry.

Water treatment for the automotive industry to ensure business continuity and operational control.

Optimising quality, waste to energy and water treatment for chemicals/petrochemicals industries.

Water Treatment Technologies

Our wide range of technologies has been developed as a result of our team of technical experts closely following market trends and demands.

Forming a barrier using water filtration treatment processes, physically separating solids from water.

Clarification water treatment that separates particles in suspension from clear water using gravity.

Aerobic wastewater treatment systems that produce high-quality secondary effluent for safe discharge

A proven and energy-efficient method to treat industrial wastewater.

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