Water Tech Services

A full range of water tech services, water management services and maintenance support packages. 

A full range of water services and maintenance support packages for you to choose from. 

We know water

We offer a comprehensive range of water tech services and water management services for you to choose from.

AquaService is our bundled service packages for plant maintenance  training and support, our experienced team is always available to assist you.

These services have been created by a team of water industry experts based on customer feedback and market needs.

Our team of knowledgeable engineers will take care to ensure that service visits are on time and when a rapid response is called for we're ready to react 24/7.

    What are our water tech services?

    • Our customer portal, Hubgrade, offers remote monitoring on equipment from documents and applications to data trends and high speed reporting - giving you a snapshot of your system so problems can be identified and fixed quickly and reducing plant downtime
    • Our Mobile Water Services team can deliver water treatment plants with flow rates from 1.5>150m3/hr and can be deployed within 2 hours of your call
    • We are experts in water treatment chemicals and can make sure you're using the correct chemical regime and volume, safely and in compliance with relevant chemical regulations
    • Refurbishment of an existing plant can extend a system's life, optimising performance and capacity, improving environmental  performance and reducing operating and maintenance costs. Our team will manage your water system refurbishment and upgrade project, making sure it meets high standards and is delivered on time

    Select the services you need to maximise uptime and maintain quality so you can continue with your day job. We take care of water so you don't have to.

    Benefits of water tech services

    Our water tech services help you to:

    • Maximise capacity, availability and system uptime
    • Manage unexpected emergency breakdown
    • Maintain water quality and quantity requirements
    • Exceed safety standards and comply with legislation
    • Optimise operating costs and environmental efficiency
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