Chemicals for Water Treatment

Providing chemical and water hygiene solutions to optimise the operation of a water treatment plant and equipment.


From the moment water enters your premises, to the point when it leaves, Veolia helps you optimise your water treatment processes. Our team of specialists can provide tailored expertise, helping you to lower your operational costs, ensure compliance, and improve your performance.

How we can  help

Our technical knowledge and problem-solving skills help customers to proactively manage their water treatment equipment, achieving preventative maintenance and high levels of compliance, whether on single or multiple sites.

While we are a global company, within the UK, we offer truly local support with warehousing, manufacturing facilities, and regional offices across the UK and Scotland. The speed of your service delivery will be second to none.

Whether you require equipment, program design or consultancy to improve your efficiency, we can help you improve the water life cycle in your plant.

Do you understand the full impact of effluent treatment processes on your business? Watch our webinar 

Our Water Treatment Chemical Services

Our Team

Our team of experts operate across the UK and provide a range of services to ensure our clients are operating compliantly and gain value from the water treatment programs we design.

Our expertise covers all aspects of water treatment equipment and program design, as well as consultancy on problems associated with poor control.

Boiler Feed Water Treatment Chemicals

We can increase your boiler plants efficiency, protecting your assets and saving you money. Our boiler water treatment expertise extends throughout the industrial and municipal markets, with specialities in high and low pressure boiler water treatment, district heating, and steam conditioning for processes.

Our focus is on removing or chemically modifying substances that could potentially damage your boiler and its systems. This includes pre-treatment programs that externally treat raw water, removing impurities before they enter your boiler system in the first place.

Using our Hydrex range of water chemicals, we’ll create a specific water hygiene program for you, reducing your operating costs by streamlining water and energy usage while also protecting your assets, extending their life and avoiding downtime. We help you ensure that you're operating to British Standard guidelines

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals

At Veolia, we design, implement, and manage cooling water treatment programs for many different industries. We understand the impact of cooling water on your production, and we understand the need to achieve compliance. Your water treatment systems require an effective chemical program to maximise productivity and minimise cost. both operational and downtime cost too.

Our range of proven technologies, coupled with our Hydrex water hygiene chemical products, will bring you the results you need by helping you achieve full compliance to all legislation by implementing a legionella control scheme and minimising your downtime from issues such as scaling and fouling. We can help protect and extend the life of your assets, avoiding deterioration from corrosion and maintaining a good microbial control with a biocide program

The Hydrex range offers you corrosion inhibitors, organic inhibitors, and solid water chemical treatment products. Designing a program specifically for your site, we might also recommend Hydrex bio dispersants and digital connection to Hydrex Aquavista.

Legionella Control Services

Our Legionella control programme secures your facility and processes, methodically analyses risks, revamps cooling water systems in accordance with regulation, and provides preventive treatment, surveys, training and technical assistance. A registered member of the Legionella Control Association and a BACS member company, we use the fastest microbiological monitoring equipment in the industry to ensure efficient and reliable results.

Veolia is a fully accredited member of the Legionella Control Association . This means, through our products and services, we’re committed to helping our customers prevent legionellosis, keeping their water systems safe. We operate a legionella control program to keep your facility and processes hygienic and safe. Developing a bespoke program for your site, we’ll methodically analysis your risk. We will then create a specific plan to manage your facility.

Revamping your cooling water systems, Veolia can ensure you effectively meet regulation standards and establish a program of preventative treatment and continual monitoring. We can support you with training and technical assistance too. 

A BACS member company, we’ll keep you updated on current thinking where procedures and water treatment chemicals for legionella control are concerned.

Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

s demand for water reuse increases and discharge standards tighten, the need for consistent, compliant water quality on discharge becomes greater. 

With so much quality variability in a customer’s wastewater profile, we provide an experienced, analytical approach to achieving discharge regulations. Our field experts can provide reuse options and help you save on your total cost of operation, using a range of Hydrex chemistries to suit your applications.

We offer a comprehensive range of water treatment services and chemicals, including flocculants and coagulants especially designed for the solid/liquid separation process in the industrial and municipal wastewater treatment market. Where there are challenges there are opportunities, and our effluent treatment programs will generate savings for you by reducing the cost of disposal of sludge through improved dewatering programs and the overall cost per m³ of treated effluent water.

We would love to help you improve your wastewater treatment to increase productivity and save money. Your first step is to arrange a consultation with one of our experts.

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Total UK - Customer Testimonial Video


Here at Veolia Water Technologies we want to help you meet your water quality needs in the most cost effective way. We spoke to Karen Cody, Purchaser at Total UK, about her experience working with VWT UK. Listen to her first-hand experience below.

Online trending solutions

Using the latest technology, Hydrex eTrend electronically records parameters from your cooling and boiler water treatment monitoring program. This provides easy data storage and instant access to the latest critical trends.

Why is it important to trend data? 
Trending critical data provides an early opportunity to make adjustments in dosing before your system goes out of specification. This ensures compliance with L8 guidelines and BS 2486.

Hydrex eTrend offers the following benefits:

  • Optimise your system performance and save money
  • Track your latest trends online 24/7
  • Take preventative measures early
  • Centrally file data, reports, technical and safety information
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