Health & Safety

Safety is everyone's business. We all have a part to play to ensure the workplace is safe. 

Safety is everyone's business. We all have a part to play to ensure the workplace is safe.

Our primary aim is to protect the health of our employees and anyone else affected by our undertakings. Through the provision of adequate resources, we ensure that we protect our people, execute works safely and comply with our legal duties.

We strive to achieve health and safety standards beyond those required by statute and to support continual improvement. For over 25 years we have been involved in large construction projects throughout the UK, both acting as principal contractor and subcontractor. We work with customers and stakeholders in developing and implementing best practice.


      Positive, Proactive Safety Culture

      Risk Safety Management and Training

      VWT UK takes a positive, proactive approach to health and safety, and actively encourages employees and sub-contractors working on our behalf to take part in safety initiatives and campaigns run throughout the year. We empower all our workforce to stop work if it is not safe and report the matter to management. Safety is everyone's business and we remind all employees and people working on site on our behalf that everyone has a part to play to ensure that the workplace is safe. 

      We require that everyone who works for or with us:

      • Embeds health and safety in all they do
      • Works to eliminate the risk of serious harm from all our activities
      • Reports potentially unsafe incidents and injuries, and investigates them fully
      • Upholds and promotes our policies
      • Maintains effective communication on all issues of health and safety

      Field-Based Personnel and Subcontractors

      All our field-based personnel working onsite have been trained in 'At Point Risk Assessments'. Before work commences on site the engineer will carry out a risk assessment to assess not only the hazards and risks associated with the task but also the site-specific hazards and risks associated with the surrounding environment.

      All subcontractors working on behalf of VWT UK are vetted and have to go through a health and safety pre-qualification process to allow them to be entered onto our approved list. All subcontractors are required to have the necessary training and skills for their job function, and this training must be to a nationally recognised standard.

      We are also members of the following organisations:

      • British Safety Council - A government-regulated awarding organisation that has developed a full suite of health and safety qualifications in a national framework.
      • Barbour Info Line - Providing critical assistance with compliance and best practice.
      • Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) - Changing both legislation and attitudes surrounding accidents.
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