Vacuum Evaporation

Wastewater evaporator separation solution that removes components for process water and industrial waste.

Efficient, simple and cost-effective wastewater treatment and recovery

We offer a range of vacuum evaporators that treat and recycle wastewater across a variety of industrial markets.

What is vacuum evaporation?

Vacuum evaporation is a wastewater treatment method that separates water from contaminants with high boiling points.

How do vacuum wastewater evaporators work?

Wastewater is fed into a boiling chamber and heated until the water molecules turn into vapour. Contaminants are left behind while the vapour is collected, cooled and condensed in a heat exchanger. The whole system works in vacuum conditions so the wastewater boils at lower temperatures.

What is vacuum evaporation used for?

Vacuum evaporation is ideal for treating and/or recycling wastewater across a range of industries, such as metal forming & finishing, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemicals and many more. It can be combined with other processes, such as reverse osmosis, to create a complete wastewater treatment system.

Vacuum evaporation is also a way of removing water from products during manufacturing processes.

What are the benefits of vacuum evaporators?

Vacuum evaporation offers a number of advantages in treating wastewater:

  • Efficiency: excellent levels of water removal, reducing sludge volume and disposal costs
  • Simplicity: straightforward process and easy operation
  • Reliability: low maintenance requirements
  • Cost-effectiveness: low energy consumption
  • Eco-friendliness: low carbon footprint
  • Versatility: can treat feed water with little or no pre-treatment, including hazardous and difficult streams
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD): distillate can be recovered and recycled as process water, helping plants meet discharge obligations and providing a potential income source
  • Component recovery: valuable materials can be recovered and recycled, including precious metals or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

What types of vacuum evaporator are there?

Our widely used range of EVALED™ vacuum evaporators can treat anything from 150 litres to 500 tonnes of wastewater in 24 hours. Fully automated with high levels of water removal, they consume less energy and take up less space than other evaporation technologies. 

How can you get the most out of your wastewater evaporator?

You can optimise your EVALED™ system through our full range of water tech services. From Hubgrade digital monitoring to maintenance support, our packages help your technology perform better and last longer – saving you time, money and hassle.

Want to learn more about vacuum evaporation and how it could benefit your business? Take a look at our products and case studies below.

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