Water Treatment System Design and Project Management

Water treatment system design, project management and engineering services.

Water treatment system design, project management and engineering services.

Ensuring that your water treatment system design meets your needs and is correctly specified and installed requires knowledge and experience. We have the expertise to help you meet the commercial, technical and environmental requirements of your project.

Design and Project Management Team

Design Engineers

With a choice of over 350 technologies our designers have flexibility to design multiple system configurations that will meet the desired water quality. However, there are often requirements within a project in addition to the final water quality such as space saving, water saving, reduced energy consumption, quick installation, low capex, low opex, etc.  This is where our dedicated team of experienced water treatment design engineers add value. They listen to our customers and clearly understand their needs before starting the design process. Once they fully understand what’s required, they work with our customers to develop the system design specification, associated drawing and documentation.

Power in partnership and project management 

Our partnership approach is simple. We have a long and strong history of working with scientists, process engineers, facilities managers, project managers, architects, consultants, contractors and equipment suppliers throughout a project, to ensure their specific water requirements are met. 
We can advise on the best technologies, materials and components for any application. Our experienced Project Team are familiar with the challenges associated with all project sizes and specifications, with a proven track record in large projects where delivery within timescale and budget are essential. We work hard to meet our customers’ expectations for performance, quality and regulatory compliance.