Helping wastewater disposal costs to evaporate

Helping wastewater disposal costs to evaporate

Veolia works with a pharmaceutical company to reduce off-site waste disposal costs.

The Client's Needs

Manufacturing disinfectants and detergents produces substantial volumes of wastewater, which cannot simply be discharged to the drain without rigorous treatment. Our client was using an external supplier to collect its wastewater for off-site disposal, costing around £30,000 per month. The company needed a wastewater treatment solution that could adequately cope with its highly variable effluent and allow direct to drain discharge in line with SEPA consent limits, reducing off-site disposal.

Our Solution

Our expert team carried out thorough benchtop laboratory testing using a ‘worst case’ sample of effluent to identify that an EVALED® PC F6 evaporator was the most robust wastewater treatment solution.

The Results

Substantial reduction in off-site waste disposal, previously costing around £30,000 per month.