Hybas™ Wastewater Treatment Solutions

A biological wastewater treatment solution combining activated sludge and moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) processes for nitrogen removal.

Combination of activated sludge and moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) processes for nitrogen removal.

Hybas™ and Hybas Fusion™ offer a combination of activated sludge and moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) processes for nitrogen removal.  They are especially suitable for nitrogen removal from municipal wastewater but can also be used for industrial wastewater applications.  

Hybas™ is a compact solution and a cost-effective way to upgrade an existing activated sludge system to also include nitrogen removal, or to improve the capacity of your existing nitrogen-removal process. Developed by Anoxkaldnes , benefits of Hybas™ are that little site-civil construction is required and that it gives a 30% capacity increase over conventional sequencing batch reactors (SBRs) with improved nitrification and reduced sludge production.

The Hybas™ system is based on years of AnoxKaldnes moving bed biofilm experience. Hybas™ systems have been constructed in a variety of reactor geometries. Now, AnoxKaldnes extends this proven technology to the sequencing batch reactor (SBR).

Hybas Fusion™  is a unique version of the existing Hybas process which uses freemoving, rather than fixed-carriers in a container. A flexible and modular solution, the container is designed for easy installation directly into an activated sludge aeration tank.  Hybas Fusion™ provides total expenditure and Design for Manufacture and Assembly benefits when compared to the traditional upgrade process of constructing additional activated sludge capacity.

Hybas Fusion Biological Wastewater Treatment System Benefits

Hybas fusion is designed to increase the performance of activated sludge tanks in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems. Key benefits include:

- Highly flexible, modular wastewater treatment system.

- Easy installation.

- Simple, intuitive operation.

- Can be retrofitted into existing water treatment plant.

- Nitrification capacity increased using free moving media.

- Aeration capacity increased.

- System design and commissioning costs are reduced.

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