Filtration Water Treatment

Technologies that form a barrier using a filtration process to physically separate solids from water.

Technologies that form a barrier using a filtration process to physically separate solids from water.

Filtration is commonly used for the production of drinking water and process water from ground water, surface water or treated wastewater. Our filtration process technologies include fine mesh screening, media filtration and membrane filtration, all of which separate solids from water.

What is Filtration Water Treatment?

Filtration water treatment passes water through filters, designed to remove solid particles from the water. It’s commonly used to process ground water, surface water or pre-treated wastewater to provide potable drinking water and process water for industrial applications.

Filtration Water Treatment Process

Water filtration is an important stage in the water treatment process which will typically involve multiple stages of pre-treatment such as flocculation, coagulation and sedimentation. Various forms of filtration might be used.

Drumfilters and discfilters can be used for fine screening to remove suspended solids from water abstraction, and to polish effluent from wastewater treatment plants

Pressure filters and gravitational filters can be used for media filtration. The media that is used forms a barrier to the passage of suspended solids and absorbs some compounds contained in the liquids

Membrane technologies such as ultrafiltration, microfiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis retain different sizes of particles and ions, while allowing pure water to flow through.

Water filter cartridges are protection barriers to retain solids and particles upstream.

Veolia Water Filtration Solutions

Hydrotech Discfilter is a compact, mechanical water filtration system which is self-cleaning and highly suitable for applications where space is limited.

Hydrotech Drumfilter is another mechanical water filtration system which is highly efficient and prevents solid particles from fragmenting.

Water Treatment Products

Veolia water treatment products tackle a wide variety of water-related challenges

Discfilter offers a large filtering area in a small footprint for municipal effluent polishing and industrial water reuse.

Filtration systems to remove suspended matter, turbidity, iron, colour and odour from feed water.

Extensive range of carbon, depth, pleated and membrane filtration for all water applications

Patented mechanical self-cleaning drumfilter for municipal and industrial recovery water applications.

Water Treatment Applications

We design and manage innovative solutions for a wide range of water and wastewater treatment applications.

High-quality water systems for production, process and manufacturing uses.

Water pretreatment solutions for all types of feed and influent water.

Technologies for safe, environmentally compliant wastewater treatment systems and sewage treatment plant operations.

Total water management solutions for process and wastewater recovery and recycling.


Our teams of industry experts work with you to supply the water technologies and services you need to overcome challenges in your market.

Delivering compliant process and waste to recovery water for pharmaceutical/cosmetic needs.

Solutions to design, build, maintain and upgrade municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Delivering ingredient water and waste to resource services in the food and beverage industry.

Water treatment for the automotive industry to ensure business continuity and operational control.

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