Water Pretreatment

Water pretreatment solutions for all types of feed and influent water.

Water pretreatment solutions for all types of feed and influent water.

What is Water Pretreatment?

Water pretreatment removes suspended impurities, solids, colloids and living organisms from raw water. Water pretreatment processes ensure that your water quality is not influenced by seasonal changes, extreme weather or industrial pollution. Conventional water pretreatment refers to the processes applied to the treatment of water or wastewater prior to feeding a membrane separation process (MSP).

Water Pretreatment Technologies

Our water treatment technologies have been developed by technical, industry experts who ensure that these versatile systems meet increasingly stringent demands. Flocculation and coagulation processes are typically used in water pretreatment in order to remove particles which cannot be removed by sedimentation or filtration. Filtration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and nanofiltration processes along with reverse osmosis are used to filter out various sizes of particles along with ions, allowing purified water to flow through.

Water Pretreatment Benefits

Here are some of the key benefits provided by water pretreatment:

  • Extends the life of subsequent reverse osmosis (RO) plant membranes
  • Ensures that the water delivered to the RO or EDI (electrodeionisation) system meets the required quality standard
  • Supports the delivery of a continuous and dependable water supply
  • Maximises the overall water processing plant lifecycle, thus reducing costs

Plug and play RO-CEDI demineralised water for the power market

Extensive range of reverse osmosis systems for all water applications and budgets.

High-quality industrial and commercial water softeners.

A Veolia-patented high-performance water clarifier for municipal and industrial water treatment.


Our teams of industry experts work with you to supply the water technologies and services you need to overcome challenges in your market.

Delivering compliant process and waste to recovery water for pharmaceutical/cosmetic needs.

Delivering ingredient water and waste to resource services in the food and beverage industry.

Water treatment for the automotive industry to ensure business continuity and operational control.

Optimising quality, waste to energy and water treatment for chemicals/petrochemicals industries.

Water Treatment Technologies

Our wide range of technologies has been developed as a result of our team of technical experts closely following market trends and demands.

Simple, safe and cost-effective water purification using a semi-permeable membrane

EDI system combining ion exchange resins and ion-selective membranes with a current for high-purity water production.

Forming a barrier using water filtration treatment processes, physically separating solids from water.

Deionisers that produce high-quality deionised water using ion exchange resins.

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