Struvia™ - Phosphorus Recovery

Facilitates phosphorus recovery and reuse from wastewater and concentrated industrial water

Facilitates phosphorus recovery and reuse from wastewater and concentrated industrial water.

Struvia™ technology facilitates the recovery, valorisation and reuse of phosphorus contained in wastewater and in concentrated industrial water. Phosphorus is a key ingredient in fertilizers used in agriculture and for animal feed. It is primarily produced by mining, and no synthetic substitute currently exists. Struvia™ helps industries and municipalities to turn a cost (e.g. purchase of metal salts, sludge disposal and maintenance caused by uncontrolled struvite precipitation) into a benefit (the sale of struvite as a fertilizer).

What is Struvite?

Phosphorus is a vital ingredient in agricultural fertilizers and animal feed. The primary source is from mining but Struvia™ technologies enable the recovery of valuable phosphorous from effluents produced by municipal, agricultural and industrial processes. Diminishing phosphorous rock reserves make the recovery of phosphorous from effluent increasingly important. Struvite is the phosphate mineral (magnesium ammonium phosphate; also called MAP) recovered in the form of struvite crystals.

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