Distilled Water Treatment

Industrial distillation technologies that produce highly purified water.

Industrial distillation technologies that produce highly purified water.

Distillation uses a heat source to vaporise water and separate pure water molecules from contaminants with a higher boiling point.

  • Water is heated until it boils and begins to evaporate
  • The water temperature is then kept at a constant
  • The stable temperature ensures continued water vaporisation, but prevents drinking water contaminants with a higher boiling point from evaporating
  • The evaporated water is then collected and sent through a tube system to another container
  • Finally, removed from the heat source, the steam condenses back into its original liquid form

Contaminants that have a higher boiling point than water stay in the original container. This process removes most minerals, bacteria and viruses, and any chemicals that have a higher boiling point than water from the water.

Water Treatment Products

We have a complete portfolio of water treatment products and services to help you achieve a value-for-money solution alongside reliability, expertise and outstanding support.

Packaged distillation systems that make highly purified water and water for injection.

Water Treatment Applications

We design and manage innovative solutions for a wide range of water and wastewater treatment applications.

High-quality water systems for production, process and manufacturing uses.


Our teams of industry experts work with you to supply the water technologies and services you need to overcome challenges in your market.

Delivering compliant process and waste to recovery water for pharmaceutical/cosmetic needs.

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