Clinical Laboratory Water

Clinical Lab Reagent Water (CLRW) for valid & reliable diagnostic results

Clinical and laboratory water for analysers specified to clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW) standard.

What is Clinical Lab Reagent Water (CLRW)?

CLRW is a type of pure water for clinical laboratories. Defined by the Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI), it’s the minimum grade of lab water that should be used in clinical pathology and diagnostics. If your clinical lab water doesn’t meet CLRW standards, you’ll risk inaccurate and inconsistent test results.

CLRW contains limited amounts of bacteria, ions, organics and particles, all of which can interfere with test chemistries and analyser operation. The full CLRW specification is:

Bacteria:     <10 CFU/ml

Resistivity:  >10 MΩ.cm
TOC:           <500 PPB
Particles:     0.2um filtration or better

CLRW can be used in place of Type I and Type II water for most applications.

What is a CLRW water purification system used for?

A CLRW purification system supplies feed water to clinical analysers so the instruments can generate valid results.

Clinical lab water from CLRW systems is also typically used for:

  • Cuvette washing: eliminates carry-over & contamination
  • Sample probe washing: eliminates cross-contamination across samples
  • Pipetting syringes: ensures accurate & precise pipetting of sample & reagent
  • Reagent probe washing: eliminates cross-contamination across reagents
  • Incubator baths: supports accurate & precise photometric readings

What should you look for in a CLRW purification system?

It’s essential your CLRW system produces consistently pure clinical lab water, without running costs that overstretch your budget. It must also be reliable and easy to maintain, as too much downtime could result in hefty penalties for unprocessed samples.

The flexibility to upgrade your system is also worth considering if your lab’s needs may change and grow over time.

What types of CLRW purification system are there?

The MEDICA range of CLRW systems is ideal for clinical labs that need medical-grade water. Ensuring optimal purity and an uninterrupted workflow, MEDICA delivers feed water to single or multiple analysers to guarantee fast and accurate results.

Key benefits include:

  • Reliable supply of consistently pure CLRW water
  • Easy installation, operation, monitoring & maintenance
  • Low consumable & running costs
  • Compact & space-saving
  • Bypass configuration for emergencies
  • Upgradeable & scalable

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