Veolia Water Technologies - Case Studies - High purity water for Tameside Hospital Blood Sciences Department, UK

High purity water for Tameside Hospital Blood Sciences Department

Client Needs

Tameside also has a busy blood sciences department which process and analyse routine and urgent samples 24/7/365. It’s vital their analysers operate reliably, rapidly and with minimum downtime, so when their existing equipment was due for replacement, Tameside decided to install the latest Beckman Coulter AU5811 high throughput Clinical Chemistry analysers, backed up by a smaller member of the AU chemistry family, the AU640.

Our Solution

To ensure high availability of purified water, Veolia provided two stacked MEDICA® Pro RE120 water purification systems, these combine reverse osmosis, ion exchange, UV and microfiltration to deliver up to 120 l/h of water with 10MΩ.cm resistivity, TOC <30ppb and bacteria <1cfu/ml, all well within the CLRW Type I limits.

The Result

The installation of the new equipment as well as training was achieved with minimum disruption to the pathology staff and users of its services. Tameside has noticed a more rapid throughput of samples with the new analysers, and has also gained increased bench space from the floor standing water systems.