Range of compact, heat-sanitisable reverse osmosis systems to meet lab decontamination guidelines.

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The Thermapure™ range of compact, heat-sanitisable reverse osmosis (RO) systems provides cost-effective water to meet the latest decontamination guidelines. The Thermapure™ incorporates the latest water purification technologies and a programmable logic controller (PLC) for continuous monitoring of water quality parameters. The HMI (human machine interface) touch-screen monitor allows for secure access levels, simple maintenance procedures and displays real-time graphical data. A fully automated heat disinfection program eliminates the need for chemical sanitisation. Manufactured to ISO 9001, the Thermapure™ combines high-quality engineering, sensors and components to ensure that product performance and reliability are never compromised.

The Thermapure Mini™ forms part of the Thermapure™ range, and at just 840mm in height has been designed to fit under a work surface, reducing the area required for installation within an endoscopy decontamination suite.

Thermapure Benefits

Here are just some of the key benefits provided by the Thermapure range of heat sanitisable Reverse Osmosis systems.

  • Standardised, skid mounted Thermapure systems are quickly and easily installed and commissioned.
  • Water quality is maintained to the required specification using R.O. system flush on startup.
  • Colour, touch screen user interface is intuitive and easy-to-use.
  • Screen presents service condition feedback, alarms and hours run.
  • Diagnostic analysis is supported by alarm and sanitisation history and timestamps.
  • R.O. water quality is managed using a conductivity meter with alarm set points.
  • Need for ringmain chemical sanitisation eliminated thanks to the flexible heat disinfection programme.
  • PLC control provides alarm contacts for remote alarm systems.
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