Endoscopy and Sterile Services

Systems designed to supply healthcare water to sterilise instruments in decontamination departments.

Pure water for sterile service systems equipping healthcare

Biopure water systems for sterile services, supplying compliant water to decontaminate medical instruments such as endoscopes.

Pure water availability is critical

With patient throughput continually rising, the demand on medical equipment in hospitals is increasing. A leading facility can use around 40 endoscopes in one day. Perhaps more. And that’s just one such instrument.

Patient safety is paramount and healthcare providers work hard to minimise the risk of cross infection. Ensuring reliable provision of biopure water for sterile services is a key part of managing this risk effectively.

Surgical instruments must be fully decontaminated and rinsed in high quality pure water, whether you run a Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) or have a smaller cleaning facility.

Compliance and industry regulations

To make the situation more demanding, medical equipment is increasingly regulated. Hospitals must work to strict guidelines and standards such as HTM 01-01 (Part C for Decontamination and Part D for Washer Disinfectors), HTM 01-06 (Part B for Endoscopy Design and Installation and Part E for Testing Methods) and EN ISO 15883.

Compliance is essential where instrument decontamination is concerned. Having a reliable pure water system for sterile services is more important than ever. If the water supply to your decontamination equipment is not of sufficiently high quality, the life expectancy of that equipment will be impacted, and most importantly, patient outcomes could be affected.

Creating your pure water system for sterile services

Using decades of specialist water technology expertise, we work closely with hospitals and healthcare facilities to design, install, commission, and maintain biopure water systems that supply decontamination equipment. They’re fully equipped to regularly disinfect a high volume of instruments such as endoscopes.

Whatever space you have to accommodate a sterile services department, we’ll create a system that’s compliant, effective, and reliable.

And once your system is commissioned, we’re on hand to maintain it, ensuring maximum safety at all times.

Your sterile services biopure water provision will comply with Health Technical Memorandum regulations and it will be built with your future needs in mind. Whether your plant room is compact or super-size, we’ll advise you on drainage, power supply and equipment positioning to ensure a high-performance department that works hard for your hospital every single day.

Water Treatment Products

Reverse osmosis biopure water for sterile services

Range of compact, heat-sanitisable reverse osmosis systems to meet lab decontamination guidelines.

Compact, cost-effective and easy-to-use healthcare pure water system that reduces contamination risk.


Our teams of industry experts work with you to supply the water technologies and services you need to overcome challenges in your market.

Providing water treatment solutions for healthcare applications.

Water Treatment Technologies

Our wide range of technologies has been developed as a result of our team of technical experts closely following market trends and demands.

Simple, safe and cost-effective water purification using a semi-permeable membrane

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