Cascade Media

High-efficiency plastic filter media providing optimum effective surface area for biological growth in trickling filter applications.

High-efficiency plastic media providing optimum effective surface area for biological growth in trickling filter applications.

Cascade Media is a range of high-efficiency plastic filter media that provides the optimum effective surface area for biological growth, while ensuring excellent gas and liquid distribution within the packed filter bed. The range is suitable for use in traditional trickling filter applications and can also be used with neutral buoyancy media, specifically designed for use in submerged applications and anaerobic processes. Cascade Media can also improve existing trickling filter installations at a much lower cost than a full trickling filter refurbishment.

Cascade Media has an ideal effective surface area and void ratio within the packed bed which provides optimum bacterial attachment to give guaranteed effluent quality.

What is Plastic Filter Media?

Plastic filter media or biofiltration media is a form of plastic media specifically designed to support the growth of bacteria in filter bed applications. Optimally designed plastic media provides surfaces on which bacteria can grow with spaces in between to allow for growth and to enable the flow of water. Cascade media supports effective surface areas of from 100 square metres per cubic metre up to 200 square metres per cubic metre. Manufactured from a strong, lightweight,thermoplastic resin (polypropylene) that is highly suitable for wastewater treatment applications as it is non toxic to micro-organisms, immuneto rot, fungus or bacterial attack and has a high resistance to ultraviolet degradation, ageing, erosion or disintegration.

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