Sidestream nitrogen-removal system for an energy-neutral wastewater treatment plant.

Sidestream nitrogen-removal system for an energy-neutral wastewater treatment plant.

Anita™ is a range of technologies for sidestream nitrogen removal. Products included in this range are:

  •  Anita™ Mox
  •  Anita™ Shunt

Anita™ solutions are sustainable and cost-effective, and can be adapted for any advanced sludge treatment requirements. They can also help to meet energy-neutral wastewater treatment plant objectives, while also responding to more stringent regulation around nitrogen concentration in treated water, for example.

Anita™ can also be bundled with the following technologies to deliver a complete wastewater solution:

  • Thermal hydrolysis: ThelysTM, ExelysTM
  • Thermal hydrolysis + Digestion: BiothelysTM, ExelysTM LD
  • Digestion + Lysis + Digestion: ExelysTM DLD
  • Hydrothermal oxidation: AthosTM
  • Thermal Drying: BioconTM
  • Downstream polishing treatment for anaerobic

Anita™ processes reduce operation costs in a wastewater treatment plant by up to 60%. Carbon footprint is also reduced, by up to 85%.

What is Sidestream Nitrogen Removal?

In wastewater treatment plants, sidestreams are created from the separation of liquids and solids, typically involving dewatering and thickening processes. The separated liquid is recycled back into the treatment plant as a sidestream. This liquid is highly concentrated and heavily laden with nutrients including Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Treatment of this ammonia laden flow through conventional nitrification-denitrification processes can be expensive.

The Anita MOX process is a single-stage deammonification technology achieving greater than 90% removal of ammonia and 75-85% total removal of nitrogen. This is achieved using considerably less energy and therefore lower cost than conventional nitrification-denitrification processes.

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