Spidflow ® Water Clarifier

Rapid and compact flotation units for drinking or process water clarification.

Rapid and compact flotation units for drinking or process water clarification.

Spidflow® are rapid and compact clarifier units that deliver dissolved air flotation (DAF) where surface water containing low-density particles, algae and floating matter (greases, oils) needs to be treated to create drinking or process water. Regardless of the kind of water resources to be treated, Spidflow® effectively removes colour, organic matter and algae, even when present in high concentrations.

Spidflow® is ideal for use in drinking water treatment, sea water treatment (upstream to reverse osmosis treatment systems) and process water production (power plants). Our range of pre-engineered and standardised Spidflow® pack units for surface water and wastewater polishing can treat from 100 up to 500mᶟ/h per unit. They provide unequalled water treatment efficiency by eliminating over 99% of algae, over 50% of organic matter, over 90% of colour and over 90% of oils and hydrocarbons.

Spidflow® packs offer low operating costs and a moderate use of chemicals in a high-performance packed system.

What is Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)?

Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is a wastewater treatment process used to remove suspended solids, fats, oils and grease from wastewater, making it suitable for re-use or for safe discharge. The dissolved air flotation system mixes the wastewater stream with clarified water that has been super-saturated with dissolved air, under pressure. When this pressure is released the air dissolved in the wastewater forms tiny bubbles which stick to suspended waste matter and rise to the surface. The floating waste material collecting on the surface is then skimmed off.

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