Data Centres

Providing efficient cooling water treatment solutions for data centres.

Data center

We understand that modern data centres require constant monitoring and management to run safely and efficiently. This also applies to the cooling systems that are used to maintain the temperature of the servers within a data centre. A rise in heat increases the humidity and produces condensation which can damage the equipment.

As data centres grow and demand for computing power increases, cooling systems must adapt and grow as well. Our cooling water treatment products are designed to maximise heat transfer efficiency and ensure that the cooling system is working as effectively as possible.

We offer a wide range of water treatment products suitable for the treatment of data centre influent from a variety of water sources including media and cartridge filtration, ion exchange (IX), reverse osmosis (RO) and UV technologies. We also offer a wide range of water treatment chemicals that prevent corrosion and scaling, as well as hygiene control and legionella protection.

Our experienced team of engineers is always available to assist you, with let us take care of your data centre’s cooling water so you don't have to.

Water Treatment Products

Extensive range of reverse osmosis systems for all water applications and budgets.

High-quality industrial and commercial water softeners.

Water Treatment Applications

We design and manage innovative solutions for a wide range of water and wastewater treatment applications.

High-quality water systems for production, process and manufacturing uses.

Water Treatment Technologies

Our wide range of technologies has been developed as a result of our team of technical experts closely following market trends and demands.

Simple, safe and cost-effective water purification using a semi-permeable membrane

EDI system combining ion exchange resins and ion-selective membranes with a current for high-purity water production.

Deionisers that produce high-quality deionised water using ion exchange resins.

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