Water Treatment System for Hydrogen Production
Veolia Purenergy 30

Efficient hydrogen production is essential for a low-carbon future and maximising electrolysis efficiency is the key. 

The PURENERGY 30 is a compact, high performance water purification system for PEM Electrolyser Systems with purified water demands of up to 30 l/hour. Guaranteed water purity, space saving design and simple maintenance, makes the PURENERGY 30 an ideal solution to feed hydrogen Electrolyser Systems producing up to 30Nm3/h of hydrogen.

The PURENERGY 30 has been designed to prevent ions, particles and organics from damaging a PEM electrolyser, hindering the production of hydrogen. These contaminants can reduce process efficiency, deteriorate electrolyser membranes and shorten equipment lifespan - incurring costs and potential downtime.

  • Compact: 550mm wide and 460mm height. Wall mountable with optional docking vessel.
  • Eco-aware: EDI Technology minimises environmental impact.
  • Reliable: Our experience across multiple sectors and environments results in reliable, proven technologies.
  • Ease of Use: A  simple plug & play installation with automated monitoring & Alarms.
  • Guaranteed Purity: Regular recirculation through the system’s purification technologies ensure the water specification is maintained

Our comprehensive Aquaservice packages maximise product uptime and optimise operating costs whilst striving for environmental efficiency. Ensuring electrolyser efficiency is essential for the commercial success of green hydrogen.

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Water for Hydrogen Production

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