Hemoro 4 One Single Dialysis Patient RO Unit

Portable dialysis machine for home & acute hemodialysis

Portable dialysis machine for home & acute hemodialysis

HemoRO 4 ONE is a heat-disinfectable reverse osmosis machine for home and acute hemodialysis. It allows a single patient to have kidney dialysis treatments in the comfort of home, reducing hospital trips and improving quality of life. It’s also ideal for healthcare facilities that need portable dialysis systems in ITU or other remote settings.

HemoRO 4 ONE can provide up to 70 l/h of dialysis water at an inlet temperature of 10°C and hardness of less than 0,1° dH (<0,018 mmol/l). This home dialysis machine offers a number of other key benefits:

1.    Safety:

  • Fully compliant: meets strict requirements including EN 60601-1-11 for Medical Electrical Devices in domestic environments
  • Internal heat disinfection at >80°C: ensures dialysis water of the highest microbiological purity
  • Innovative decalcification tabs: allows hard water handling up to 15 °dH without hazardous softeners or citric acid
  • Short connection cables: reduces exposure to environmental contaminants

2.    Convenience:

  • Lightweight & portable: easy to move around with the built-in wheels and removable handle
  • Compact & wall-mountable: doesn’t take up much space
  • Robust aluminium housing: resists knocks and scuffs
  • Sound insulation: minimises noise disturbance
  • Leakage monitoring: protects against water damage

3.    Simplicity:

  • Quick to set up: connected and ready within 10 minutes
  • User-friendly: easy to configure via the 5.7” colour touchscreen
  • High reliability & low maintenance: disinfect at the push of a button
  • Integrated SD card, USB & ethernet connectivity: for data storage, maintenance and servicing

HemoRO 4 ONE can be adapted for specific needs thanks to a range of optional features. These include a trolley for long-distance transport, and ultrafiltration membranes for retention of bacteria and endotoxins.

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