An introduction to Orion and Vision products from Veolia

Introducing our two latest products, Orion and Vision, which mark the latest developments in water processing technology.

Welcome to the launch of our new Orion and Vision products. Both products reinforce Veolia's technological expertise, combined with our flexibility to be inspiring and innovative.

New Orion and Vision products from Veolia

The new Orion is our third generation flagship product and sustains our leadership position, enhancing our offering to the purified and highly purified water markets. This offering will enable us to continue leading the way in this high value market, and add to our growing after sales services business.

Vision is our groundbreaking step into the digital world of machine communication, and a more efficient and effective way of doing business with our customers in the 21st century.

We see this as the first step in bringing more value through our customer service and field based service teams for remote support and service diagnostics, as well as a central source for all customer business intelligence.

Deionised & RO Water From Veolia Water Technologies

Here at Veolia Water Technologies, we specialise in process water treatment solutions and services for scientific, pharmaceutical, healthcare and manufacturing industries. We pride ourselves in offering innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to our customers. We have an extensive range of quality water treatment solutions including deionised water and RO water.

To discuss how we can provide a deionised water or RO water solution for your business, or for more information on how we can help build and design a water treatment solution for you, please get in touch.