What is the Orion purified water system?

Orion is the latest generation in innovative purified water treatment solutions, which comes as a skid mounted multi-technology system. As its core technologies, the Orion comprises softening, reverse osmosis (RO water) and electrodeionisation, which may be fully or partially hot water sanitised.

Introducing the Orion water system

A diverse range of options are available, including pre and post ultra violet light, ultrafiltration, degassing and filtration. This makes it a premier, fully validated standard system which meets the quality standards of current USP and Ph Eur purified water and Ph Eur highly purified water. It is compliant with FDA, cGMP and GAMP requirements.

Manufactured and designed in accordance with the ISPE guidelines for water and steam, the Orion is able to meet a diverse range of markets including pharmaceuticals, generics, healthcare, biotechnological and cosmetics.

We understand what our customers value today:

  • Compliant performance regarding quality and quantity of treated water
  • Reliable and consistent operation and process
  • Validation and traceability
  • Hot water sanitation (HWS)
  • Life time after sales and service support
  • Operational health and safety
  • Modular and diverse range of options
  • Global industry track record

Customer requirements are evolving to be more sustainable, they now also expect innovative water and energy efficiency, which can reused and recycled where possible. They also want economic life-cycle costs to keep track of how much they have spent and saved over time. The Orion water treatment system is a sustainable product which has a number of features including:

  • Energy reduction
  • Water and waste water reduction
  • Increased health and safety
  • Easy servicing and monitoring
  • Key sustainability parameters displayed
  • End of life reuse/recycle
  • Enhanced process and controls offering

The Orion Series

  • C-Series - Features low energy pump and RO water/CEDI recovery
  • E-Series - All C-Series features plus reduced water discharge during recycle and reduced product flow during recycle
  • S-Series - All C&E-Series features plus integral recovery RO and RO reject recycle pump

All of these ranges come with RO/CEDI hot water sanitation (HWS). The E&S Series have pretreatment HWS, as well as low energy fill fit hard shell RO water membranes and are made from 99% recycled materials.

Sustainability Goals

  • Reduction in CO2 by up to 30%
  • Water recovered by up to 40%
  • Energy reduced by up to 50%
  • Materials that can be recovered by up to 99%

General Features On All Models

  • Sustainable data display
  • New 15" wide screen TFT HMI
  • Storage and distribution software included
  • Sustainability display for CO2 energy and water saving
  • Operational coloured status lights

Process And Mechanical Features

  • Enhanced hygienic design for the multipurpose tank
  • Dished ends and level sensor for control
  • Pre and post ultra violet disinfection unit options
  • Post ultra filtration unit (UF)
  • Sanitary sample valves throughout the whole unit
  • HWS at above 80 degrees C
  • ASME BPE Pipework

Service & Maintenance

We specialise in delivering unrivalled service and maintenance for your process water treatment requirements through operational excellence. We offer a variety of service and maintenance contracts to ensure continual compliance and the assurance that your Orion delivers the optimum performance.