30 minutes


James Steptoe

WFI Production with Reverse Osmosis Based System


Recent changes to the European Pharmacopoeia Monograph has left many Pharmaceutical companies unclear as to which process to adopt in water for injection (WFI) production.

James Steptoe, Veolia Water Technologies, has delivered a webinar on 'Water for injection production with a Reverse Osmosis-based system'.  James has reviewed these changes and compared the different approaches available for WFI production.  

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    WFI -webinar
    James Steptoe

    James Steptoe

    Veolia Water Technologies

    Learning Outcomes

    What was covered?

    • An overview of WFI
    • WFI - Quality of different purified water standards
    • Recent changes to the European Pharmacopoeia Monograph and the impact on the market
    • Distillation versus Reverse Osmosis - the benefits and implications of both methods
    • Making the right choice of WFI production methods - finding the right balance between cost and risk