Understand the impact of effluent treatment processes on your business

Making a difference when it matters, Brian Jones, Business Development Manager at Veolia introduces Hydex 6861 - our organic, tannin-based coagulant. He’ll also demonstrate its enhanced performance and answer your questions live.





    45 minutes



    This webinar will:

    • Help you understand the full impact of effluent treatment processes on your business
    • Learn the main drivers that cause changes and improvements to your effluent treatment processes, including cost (both financially and for the environment) and maintaining consent on site. 
    • Learn how we can help your plant with our cost-effective and sustainable organic coagulant Hydrex 6861 coagulant.
    • Explain the sustainable manufacture of Hydrex and the benefits it offers many industries
    • Compare the performance of Hydrex to metal coagulants and other tannin-based products
    • Provide case studies of the successful uses of Hydrex