30 minutes


William Jeal - Veolia Water Technologies, Elodie DeJean - Anoxkaldnes

MBBR Applications - A complex problem with a simple solution


Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology is well known as an effective method for removing ammonia, nitrogen and biological oxygen demand from wastewater; however you may not be aware of the diverse range of MBBR applications that exist if you have only encountered the treatment in one context.

William Jeal - Veolia Water Technologies
Elodie DeJean - Anoxkaldnes
Learning Outcomes

Topics discussed

  • Roughing MBBR: relieve existing highly loaded process lines by reducing organic loads upstream in small MBBR volumes
  • Polishing MBBR + Hydrotech Discfilters: the compact and easy way to manage complementary nitrification and SS polishing with no disturbance on the existing lines
  • Conversion of Activated sludge plants into MBBR for drastic capacity increase, or IFAS using Hybas Fusion - offsite fabricated nitrification booster
  • ANITA Mox: the best solution for treatment of effluent highly loaded in ammonia after digestion with or without Thermal Hydrolysis
  • Q&A with the presenters