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At Veolia Water Technologies, we offer systems to fit every application. Whether it be large or small sites, tight or relaxed consents, our technologies deliver real solutions. If you are still unsure about what application is best for your needs, simply fill in your details below.

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The final design of any process will not be determined purely on the Flowrate and P Consent requirements but will also be influenced by factors such as the Influent Solids, the Influent Total P, the available Footprint for the new process and any additional residual discharge consent standards. You can calculate OTHER PARAMETERS below or contact us for more information.

Actiflo is ideal for larger sites which have low phosphorus consents to achieve. It is a high performance water clarifier with more than 1,000 references all over the world. With its very short hydraulic residence time and quick treatment within a few minutes, Actiflo easily handles rapid raw water load and/or flow fluctuations.

Discfilters are a well established technology largely installed in the UK. It is a flexible, modular solution to treat a wide range of applications. It is easy to operate, it has low TOTEX (Total Expenditure = CAPEX + OPEX).

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