Veolia’s technology to enhance treatment capacity at Ardleigh Water Treatment Works

We have secured a contract with Anglian Water to deliver its Actiflo technology at Ardleigh Water Treatment Works (WTW).


Ardleigh Reservoir and Treatment Works supplies drinking water to customers in Colchester and South Essex and are run by the Ardleigh Reservoir Committee, which is jointly owned by both Anglian and Affinity Water.


The treatment stream has changed and been added to over time including the addition of a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) plant and filters that were converted to Granular Activated Carbon filters, ozone dosing and Rapid Gravity Filters (RGF) which were constructed between the DAF plant and GAC filters.  


To meet future demand it is now necessary to add additional treatment capacity in parallel to the existing DAF/RGF stage in order to secure the peak output of Ardleigh treatment works at 36MLD.


Anglian Water and the @OneAlliance selected the Actiflo process because of its unique ability to manage the treatment challenges that are experienced at the works, conditions which have historically impeded the performance of the existing DAF/RGF process units.


We will supply two prefabricated Actiflo® Turbo AS4 streams combined with an Actisand™ storage and dosing plant from its range of offsite prefabricated modular units.


Our Actiflo Turbo solution provides compact, proven technology for removing both algae and high turbidity spikes.