Veolia’s successful Polaris™ range still the beacon for pharmaceutical water

Leading the market in WFI and Clean Steam

Veolia Water Technologies, the leading supplier of pharmaceutical water systems, has now installed more than fifty clean steam and Water For Injection (WFI) systems from its highly successful Polaris range. The standard Polaris™ CSG units produce from 50kg/h up to 10,000kg/h of clean steam at up to 6barg for autoclave steaming and SIP. All models can be supplied for steam or electric heating and are available as horizontal or vertical to suit installation space. They also include an integrated thermal degasser for non-condensable gases removal, which is in compliance with HTM 2010, 2031 and EN285.

Polaris™ MED uses the latest high efficiency, multiple effect distillation technology for WFI production. The dry column design, using falling film technology and utilising a baffle system, has been designed to maximise droplet separation to ensure excellent decontamination performance and optimise heat transfer to provide high efficiency and rapid startup.

Polaris™ VCD is a mechanical vapour compression still, which can produce hot or cold WFI in facilities where steam supplies are either limited or not available. Featuring three-stage non condensable gas removal and FDA approved compressor seals, Polaris VCD is one of the most efficient products of its type currently available.

Both Polaris™ MED and Polaris™ VCD are available in standard models covering the range 50-15,000 litres per hour of WFI and the choice of Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC, means simple interfacing with existing SCADA and BMS systems. The entire Polaris range is designed in accordance with GAMP, cGMP, ISPE and FDA guidelines and will meet the product quality specifications of all of the major pharmacopeia, including the USP and Ph Eur.

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