Veolia’s New Water Purifier for Clinical Diagnostic Analysers

Veolia Water Technologies (Veolia) is proud to announce the new arrival as part of its market-leading MEDICA EDI range of water purifiers. Filling the long-standing gap in the market for the growing laboratories which require less than 50 litres of purified water per hour, the MEDICA EDI 15/30 is a compact, high performance water purification system designed to feed up to 1.5 l/min of CLRW standard grade water - directly to smaller Clinical Diagnostic Analysers. At only 550mm x 270mm, the MEDICA EDI 15/30 has the smallest footprint available on the market for this type of application. An optional docking vessel reservoir allows flexibility for bench-top or wall mounting as a single unit.

MEDICA EDI 15/30 may be small but it’s packed with the latest water purification technology including reverse osmosis and ‘Pulse Technology’ electrodeionisation with recirculation polishing via UV, ion exchange and 0.2µm membrane filtration. Treated water quality is assured by the MEDICA EDI 15/30 self-monitoring software so the pure water in the reservoir is always ready to go ( > resistivity with silica <0.05µg/l, TOC <30µg/l and TVC <1cfu/ml). Innovative technology, combined with its unique features, makes the MEDICA EDI 15/30 a highly reliable and cost-effective choice for the smaller installation. 

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