Veolia Water Technologies UK has launched a new PURELAB® water dispenser to be used with selected ELGA laboratory Type I and 2 laboratory water purification systems. The product is ideal for those operating within busy laboratories.

The PURELAB® Dispenser has a built-in monitoring sensor, which measures water quality as close as 1.2m from the point of dispense, ensuring a more accurate water quality reading. In addition, many of the product models have the ability to recirculate water within the water purification technologies every 10 minutes to prevent the growth of biofilm and ensure a constant flow of high-quality water. The dispenser screens also have water protection.

A plug-and-play solution, the PURELAB Dispenser is easy to use and install, weighing only 4.5 kg with a smaller footprint than alternative systems, which improves the ease of handling as well as space efficiency. Bench mounted, the system is also height adjustable and includes a rotating arm. With controlled dispensing drop by drop and a volume dispense range of 100 ml or more, which can be increased by 50 ml increments. Furthermore, for large teams, up to four dispensers can be connected to a single water purifier, allowing for further increased working efficiency.

“Access to reliable pure water is critical for many laboratory workflows. From LC-MS to cell culture, we supply our customers with the correct water systems for their application,” commented Peter Bridge, Head of Scientific Sales at Veolia Water Technologies UK. “Through technological advancement, we have developed a water dispenser that is smart, easy to use and reliable.”

The PURELAB Dispenser is compatible with certain Chorus and Quest units including the PURELAB Chorus 1 LS/AR/GS, Chorus 1 Complete, Chorus 2+ and PURELAB Quest.

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