Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK), has launched PURELAB Quest, the world’s first lab water purification unit that delivers Type I, II and III water. The cost effective and simple to use system reliably delivers high quality purified water to ensure the integrity of testing, analysis and research processes.

The new PURELAB Quest has been engineered to offer an ideal solution for small, public sector or university facilities that need a simple, reliable way of producing lab quality water without the risk, waste and complexity of managing packaged pure water. 

PURELAB Quest is compact at just 232 x 510 x 421 mm, is wall mountable and with only a single unit required for all three types of lab water it saves valuable space. It is available as a standard version or with optional ultraviolet (UV) purification. PURELAB Quest has been designed with laboratory teams in mind. The pure water is delivered at 1.2 litres a minute, twice as fast as competitor systems, to keep work interruptions to a minimum. Automatic volumetric dispensing from 100ml to 7 litres means researchers can initiate delivery and walk away to complete other tasks rather than wait. PURELAB Quest features an easy to use menu and display for simple selection of the water quality and volume required. 

To ensure the integrity of the water being delivered, PURELAB Quest includes multiple quality sensors that monitor the water parameters. Furthermore, to prevent the biofilm contamination that is a risk even in ultrapure systems, it has an in-built, automatic recirculation function that prevents the water becoming static and allowing biofilms to form.

PURELAB Quest’s design allows easy access to change consumables, such as filters, and the pre-programmed annual sanitisation procedure is carried out with minimal user intervention and without exposure to hazardous chemicals. 

The newest addition to the PURELAB range is also Internet of Things (IoT) enabled and can be integrated with VWT’s AQUAVISTA™ digital management system. AQUAVISTA™ allows remote monitoring of all installed PURELAB Quest units as well as any other compatible water treatment solutions. It provides centralised alerts of any issues with the water quality as well as simple tracking of the replacement of consumables to reduce unexpected interruptions.

The PURELAB Quest unit is manufactured from more than 85% reclaimed materials and the consumables have been designed for longevity, minimising the environmental impact. In addition, PURELAB Quest has been tested up to 150,000 dispensing cycles, the equivalent of over 20 years of laboratory use.

“We understand that in a lab environment, guaranteeing the quality of the water used is essential,” said Amanda Cove, Field Sales Manager - Scientific, Process Water, at Veolia Water Technologies UK. “The launch of PURELAB Quest means that every laboratory, regardless of size or available funding can have cost effective, reliable access to dependably high-quality water to support their work. Every aspect of PURELAB Quest has been designed to allow researchers to focus on their work with the minimum of interruptions.”