Veolia awarded a contract at Northumbrian Water’s Horsley WTW

Veolia’s Actiflo® Turbo is hot stuff at low operating temperatures

Veolia Water Technologies has been awarded a contract to supply Actiflo® Turbo technology for primary clarification at Northumbrian Water’s Horsley water treatment works (WTW). Veolia’s Actiflo was selected following on-site pilot trials, between February and May 2012, demonstrated the ability of the process to operate at water temperatures down to 1 degree Celsius whilst still achieving tight clarified water targets for turbidity, colour and residual aluminium.

Horsley WTW will supply 150 million litres of water a day to 800,000 customers on Tyneside. Horsley wtw’s raw water supply comes from the River Tyne at Ovingham and the Whittle Dene complex of reservoirs. The Veolia Actiflo® plant, part of a works upgrade being carried out by Northumbrian Water’s partners, Doosan Interserve Joint Venture, consists of three streams of Actiflo® Turbo AC8 units. Apart from its ability to operate at low temperatures, Actiflo® Turbo was chosen because it uses Veolia’s well proven, ballasted floc, high rate clarification technology in which Actisand™ is dosed as a seed for floc formation. The resulting rapidly settling flocs means a plant footprint which is 5 to 20 times more compact than conventional clarification systems – a major advantage at sites like Horsley where space is restricted. The process also provides the option of dosing powdered activated carbon to remove organic compounds and THM precursors – a seasonal problem at Horsley.

With more than 850 references globally, Actiflo®  is the most compact clarification plant available on the market, and Veolia’s thirty years’ of experience with Actiflo®, Actiflo®Turbo and Actiflo®Carb configurations in a wide variety of municipal drinking water, waste water and industrial applications means that they can provide expert guidance for specific requirements.