Reliable mobile water treatment for your business

Reliable mobile water treatment for your business

Our Mobile Water Treatment Services include a wide range of skid, container or trailer-mounted technologies for pre-treatment, softening, demineralisation, filtration, desalination, clarification, reverse osmosis and evaporation.

Professional mobile water treatment service

Our low to high capacity solutions also reduce waste and can produce water quality up to 18 MΩ-cm to meet your exact purification needs.

Need a mobile water solution on demand? Just one call to Veolia and you'll have pure water whenever and wherever you need it. Our Mobile Water Services team can deliver water treatment plants with flow rates from 1.5 - >150m3/hr

"We had excellent service from Veolia, and the MoFi units proved both easy to handle and easy to connect with our boiler plant."

Rapid emergency response

With our mobile water treatment services solution you get the security of an emergency call out service, which can be deployed within 2 hours of your call. What's more, if you register for our free ReACT service we can access all your water and waste water treatment requirements in advance. This means we are fully prepared with detailed knowledge about your site in advance.

We know your:

  • Water quality and quantity requirements
  • Services and connections availability
  • Site layout

So if disaster strikes you benefit from an even faster and more efficient response to safeguard your business and prevent lost production.


Contact us for mobile water treatment

Mobile solutions are deployed within 2 hours and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for short, medium and long term hire.