How can a RecoBLUE water treatment process increase water recovery?

Veolia Water Technologies created RECO solutions in order for our clients to save energy, meet environmental targets and see a rapid return on investment. With a tailored RecoBLUE water treatment process, we can increase your water recovery significantly.

What is RecoBLUE?
RecoBLUE has been developed in order to recover reverse osmosis (RO) concentrated water. This is a valuable resource that is very often sent down the drain. Sending away your RO water can result in discharge costs.

50% of your RO water can be recycled using a RecoBLUE water treatment process. You can reuse this useful concentrate in a number of ways. It is ideal for boiler feed water and cleaning in place (CIP) usage. What's more, you will also be able to meet any sustainability targets your company has in place too.

An example of a RecoBLUE water treatment process
One of our resin regeneration stations, located in Stoke-on-Trent, processes over 25 million litres (25,000m3) of water every year. This water was drawn from the Severn Trent mains supply and treated via reverse osmosis to ensure it meets Veolia Water Technologies exacting ISO9001 purity standards.

The concentrated reverse osmosis stream, roughly 25% of the feedwater needed, is passed through effluent handling systems, which equates to roughly 7,000m3 annually. As part of our company's sustainability commitments, we undertook a complete audit of the water treatment process and the regeneration station was under taken. This way, we could establish that the RO waste stream could be recycled, how much mains water could be saved and how much our discharge could be reduced.

As part of the solution, we installed a MaxiRO™ recovery reverse osmosis system in our Stoke-on-Trent facility. This is a secondary reverse osmosis plant. The water treatment process from the MaxiRO™ treats the reject stream from the main RO system and reduces waste water by at least 50%. The water created is also of a better purity than the original mains supply.

Thanks to the addition of the MaxiRo™ system, 4500m3 of water is recycled per year. So not only are we making a significant reduction in our water footprint, and meeting our own high sustainability targets, we are also saving a substantial amount of money. These cost savings are being reinvested in Veolia Water Technologies to offer an improved service for our customers and further reduce our environmental impact.

Our customers who have received similar RecoBLUE solutions have also noticed a significant reduction in their reverse osmosis water waste. By further recycling your RO water, you can increase your facility's efficiency, keep costs down and reach any sustainability targets in place.

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