Hydrex water solutions from Veolia Water Technologies

Reverse osmosis treatment has many benefits for your business needs. Find out why you need RO Water solutions with Veolia Water Technologies UK.

We can make sure you're using the correct chemical regime and volume, safely and in compliance with relevant chemical regulations. Our Hydrex product is a comprehensive range of quality chemicals specially formulated to meet specific requirements.

Expertise in chemical conditioning of RO water

This will optimise the performance of your entire water cycle and protect your system against corrosion, scaling and bio-fouling - helping you minimise downtime and reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Hydrex green solutions

Hydrex is our range of speciality water treatment chemicals including RO water. It includes organic and inorganic chemicals that we can formulate to match your exact specifications. The range includes:

·Dry products and concentrated liquids for lower shipping costs

·Biodegradable dispersants

·Non-phosphorous treatment programmes

·Natural and biodegradable organic coagulants and flocculants

Passion & expertise

We're also passionate about minimising your chemical consumption to help you save money and the planet. We'll use our water know-how to bring real value to your process from the initial quotation right through to after sales management and support.

Online trending solutions

Using the latest technology, Hydrex eTrend electronically records parameters from your cooling and boiler water treatment monitoring program, providing easy data storage and instant access to the latest critical trends.

Experienced service engineers

Our team of 70 highly qualified engineers use the latest monitoring and reporting technologies. So whether you want to optimise your RO water plant membranes, restore the efficiency of your boiler or minimise the risk of Legionella, we can make a world of difference.

"I just had to write to express my gratitude to the Hydrex team and the way my order was sourced and handled. Everything was carried out in a quick and professional manner and I was kept updated throughout."

Does your company need an RO water supplier?

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