A complex problem with a simple solution: MBBR

A complex problem with a simple solution: MBBR

We are delighted to be holding a webinar on 7th June at 10am, discussing Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technologies and how this technology is having an impact in the market.

MBBR technology is well known as an effective method for removing ammonia, nitrogen and biological oxygen demand from wastewater, however there are a diverse range of MBBR applications that can be used. In the webinar, “A complex problem with a simple solution: MBBR”, Elodie DeJean, Process and Sales Engineer at Anoxkaldnes and William Jeal, Business Development Manager at Veolia, will discuss Veolia’s MBBR solutions, including Hybas Fusion™, and will talk about a new way of delivering MBBR.

Hybas Fusion™ is our new biological treatment solution for wastewater, and integrates biofilm technology and activated sludge in the same tank, to efficiently reduce both organic material and nitrogen. Hybas Fusion™ is fabricated in off-site containers that can be easily retrofitted to an existing activated sludge plant, reducing the costs and risk of downtime associated with a conventional installation.

Join our experts on 7th June at 10am and find out more.

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