Compendial water compliance has never been easier thanks to the new Ionpro™ from Veolia Water Technologies

The next-generation Ionpro™ system is a compact and portable solution that ensures the production of high-purity, bacteria-free water that meets the stringent standards set forth by pharmacopoeias worldwide. By providing a streamlined and efficient approach to purified water generation, Ionpro™ empowers pharmaceutical companies to navigate the intricate landscape of regulatory compliance needed to provide safe and effective medicines while optimising their operational processes. 

As the pharmaceutical industry navigates an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, ensuring the compliance of purified water production on-site, has become paramount. Stringent standards set forth by pharmacopoeias worldwide demand unwavering adherence to purity and quality benchmarks, presenting significant challenges for small-scale production facilities, laboratories engaged in scale-up processes, and research and development institutes. These challenges stem from their limited space, resources and fluctuating water demands. 

Implementing and maintaining compendial water systems that meet regulatory requirements can be resource-intensive and costly, particularly for facilities with limited budgets and personnel. One of the main hurdles is ensuring consistent water quality and microbial control, which can be difficult due to stagnant water, frequent start-stop cycles, and the complexities of designing and maintaining efficient piping and distribution systems within space constraints. 

Additionally, validating and monitoring these systems to comply with evolving regulations can strain resources. Training and retaining personnel with the necessary expertise to operate and maintain compendial water systems is another challenge, especially in smaller organisations with high staff turnover. Addressing these challenges requires careful planning, efficient water purification strategies tailored to specific needs, and effective resource allocation to ensure regulatory compliance and meet production demands.

The next-generation Ionpro™ solution.

Recognising these critical needs, Veolia Water Technologies has developed the next-generation Ionpro™ system, a comprehensive and innovative solution tailored to address the different requirements of compendial water compliance. Thanks to its new design, Ionpro offers enhanced management and control of consumption during production while retaining its compact and portable appearance.

  • Ionpro is prefabricated and housed in a single cabinet. This compact system combines four technologies such as a softener, carbon filter, reverse osmosis (RO) technology and a pharmaceutically certified electrodeionisation module (EDI). Thanks to its plug-and-play design, it can be connected directly to the main tap water supply on site, to produce high-purity, bacteria-free water.
  • Ionpro is flexible due to its different models allowing the production of between 570 and 1000 l/h of high-purity water but also due to its eight options allowing, for example, the addition of  a carbon dioxide (CO2)  membrane deaerator.
  • Ionpro features enhanced control with the addition of an emergency stop button, a new RO40 controller and a 7" HMI screen compatible with Veolia's Hubgrade digital solution. These new features have been developed to ensure better management of water consumption and enable the system's energy consumption to be anticipated and controlled.


Hubgrade digital services meeting customer challenges in the water industry.

Hubgrade is a digital solution combined with Veolia's human expertise that ensures compliance, operational excellence and sustainability of the water treatment process in a convenient, secure and resilient way. The three innovative services of this data management solution:


  • Evaluate and continuously follow the quality of the service and communicate with transparency.
  • Measure and improve performance and guarantee a quality level of service.
  • Accompany clients in their progress plans and remotely advise in the piloting of their facilities.

One product for several applications.

Ionpro™ produces pure water that meets pharmacopoeia standards, making it suitable for other pharmaceutical applications such as laboratory use, for example. This level of purity is also of interest to other markets such as cosmetics or, more widely, the microelectronics industries.





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