Water system provides cost savings for paint manufacturer

Water system provides cost savings for paint manufacturer

Client Needs

Every bit as important as the paint pigment is the quality of the water used as the base, and Pro-Spray require bacteria-free, deionised water of conductivity less than 10μS/cm. In order to ensure water quality, Pro-Spray purchased deionised water in 1000 litre IBC containers at a cost of almost £300 per container. Due to the lead time from their supplier, they found it necessary to purchase IBCs in batches of six with the result that valuable storage space was occupied by deionised water. In researching ways to ensure the consistency of their paint, Pro-Spray found that storing bulk quantities of demineralised water could result in contamination issues. Veolia Water Technologies proposed an on-site demineralisation plant to produce water of the specified quality as and when required, eliminating the need for storage and ensuring that this problem would never arise.

Our Solution

Veolia Water Technologies’s solution was for Pro-Spray to produce their deionised water on demand using a combination of reverse osmosis and ion exchange technologies. This solution would not only be more cost effective than
buying in bulk IBC’s, but would ensure the quality of water could be guaranteed and product formulation could be repeated. It would also eliminate the need to order, handle and store IBC containers, improving health & safety on site, and saving the company time.

The Result

  • Water quality of 10μS/cm is key to the success of water based paint
  • Bulk buying IBC’s to meet production requirements
  • Water quality specification could not be guaranteed, so a new solution was required