The interior of an industrial boiler room with three large boilers, many pipes, valves and sensors

VWT UK Provides Boiler Water Treatment For Innovative Waste Recovery

Client Needs

The existing water treatment solution consisted of three different chemicals and while it was working when properly dosed, the chemicals were often overdosed, requiring a blow-down – discharging water from the system and replacing it with feedwater – to correct the imbalance.

Our Solution

We recommended Hydrex 1815, a neutralising amine product that would allow control of the pH of the steam and condensate to support the inhibition of corrosion in the steam and condensate lines. This was complemented by the addition of our oxygen scavenger Hydrex 1316, which is ideal for high-pressure boiler water applications.

The Result

By minimising the instances of overdosing, it has reduced the facility’s overall chemical usage and made it more predictable, allowing a cost-saving to be made. The customer has also cut the amount of additional water needed by reducing the need for blow-downs – further lowering costs – and minimised the time spent managing the process.