Veolia Water Technologies - Case Studies - Veolia Water Technologies Resin Regeneration Station

Veolia Water Technologies Resin Regeneration Station

Client Needs

Resin regeneration uses about twenty million litres (20,000m3) of water annually, which is drawn from the Severn Trent mains supply and treated by reverse osmosis to consistently meet the high purity standard required by Veolia Water Technologies’s ISO9001 quality system.

Our Solution

MaxiROTM has been successful in reducing the overall wastewater by at least 50% and recovering water of better quality than that of the mains supply. Veolia Water Technologies has installed a MaxiRO™ recovery reverse osmosis system at Stoke-on-Trent.

The Result

The MaxiRO™ system is recovering approximately 4500m3 of water per year which is then recycled to the feed tank for the main reverse osmosis plant. With less mains usage and less wastewater discharge, Veolia Water Technologies has seen a significant reduction in their water footprint.