Looking diagonally down at the Actiflo on a municipal water site.

Taking on the Challenge With Veolia Water Technologies UK

Client Needs

Following an inspection and undertaking from the DWI, the facility was instructed to construct and commission a new treatment process to remove metaldehyde.

Our Solution

The Actiflo® Carb process was selected on the basis of two successful pilot trials carried out in 2012 and 2015, which demonstrated the solution’s effectiveness at removing micropollutants.

The Result

The new installation marks a number of significant firsts for VWT UK. The site is the first Actiflo® Carb installation in the UK and its install also marks the first Actiflo® Carb solution implemented specifically for the removal of metaldehyde. The solution is ideal for the treatment of varying polluted raw waters and makes it possible to remove up to 95% of pesticides and refractory compounds.