Chemical engineer entering dosing details into a keypad above a chemical container with the Veolia logo attached.

Swift Response From Veolia Water Technologies UK Helps Bridgnorth Aluminium Avoid Lost Production

Client Needs

For almost a decade, Veolia Water Technologies UK has worked closely with Bridgnorth Aluminium to ensure effective protection against Legionella with highly controlled chemical dosing and Internet-enabled controllers. On this occasion, the connected controller sent an alert to the VWTUK team and site personnel.

Our Solution

Upon receiving the notification, the VWT Service Support Manager for Bridgnorth Aluminium used the remote access capability to view the system status. As it required further investigation on-site, the plant operators were contacted and supported in making additional checks. The source of the issue was identified and a VWTUK engineer visited the site the very next day.

The Result

This swift response meant that there was no need to halt production, avoiding lost revenues and costs of up to £250,000 per day. Quickly returning the biocide concentration to the correct level also prevented any bacteria in the system from multiplying and spreading.