State-of-the-art water purification for modern university labs

Assisting in a major refurbishment at a leading London university.

The Client's Needs

A large, old and inefficient water system comprising an RO system and an ultrapure unit needed to be replaced to provide Type I and Type II water to four laboratories.

Our Solution

Four localised and independent water systems were supplied – rather than a centralised ring main – to mitigate the impact of downtime; if one platform requires maintenance, there is still water available in the other three labs.

The Results

Installation was completed just six months after the initial enquiry. A geochemical technician involved in the project at the university said: “The PURELAB Option S7 and PURELAB flex 2 modules supply ultrapure (18.2 MΩ.cm) and deionised (15 MΩ.cm) water on demand to cover all of the varied requirements of our wet chemistry labs and specialist application suites.