A solution fit for Pharma

Helping a contract manufacturer that specialises in handling volatile pharmaceuticals

The Client's Needs

The original system that supplied water to the manufacturing area had a semi-sanitary design, designed for periodic chemical sanitisation, and it was getting old, placing it under scrutiny from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

The Solution

Veolia’s team of expert engineers developed a solution comprising three connected sub-systems with a minimum of dead legs: a raw water pretreatment system, a purified water generation system, and a storage and distribution system. The pretreatment system consists of a break tank and pump arrangement, providing the required flow and pressure to the purified water generation system

The Results

The entire installation was managed by Veolia’s experienced project manager, who worked closely on site with the client. The system was initially commissioned, validated and run for 30 days in isolation from the ring main to check the consistency of purified water quality and production. Following successful compliance, the solution was sanitised and connected over the weekend, ensuring that the client did not suffer any production downtime. The new water treatment solution is more than sufficient to meet the daily demand of 40 m3 of purified water and the water purity exceeds European Pharmacopoeia requirements