Partnership with VWT UK Helps Deliver Results on Tougher Permits

Client Needs

Initially, the site planned to implement a new activated sludge process plant that would extend beyond its site boundaries. However, when planning permission was rejected for this, Hooe WwTW required an alternative solution with a small enough footprint that would fit inside the compact site’s perimeter.

Our Solution

VWT UK supplied a two-streamed AnoxKaldnes™ K5 system composed of prefabricated biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) MBBR tanks, which included retention sieves, air blowers and medium bubble air grids.

The Result

The AnoxKaldnes™ K5 MBBR plant has produced excellent rates of phosphorus and ammonia removal, inhabiting minimal space and treating up to 60 litres of water a second.