Veolia Water Technologies - Case Studies - Newhaven Energy Recovery Facility, UK

Newhaven Energy Recovery Facility, UK

Client Needs

The high pressure boilers operate at 43.7m3/h steam flow and require the water treatment plant to have an operational capability of up to 4.5m3/h of high purity water. Demineralised water is produced on site by an ion exchange plant supplied by the construction contractor, but during a control system modification the plant would be unable to meet normal output quantity and quality. The demineralised water storage was identified as being insufficient to meet the operational requirements for the two days it would take to make the modifications

Our Solution

Newhaven ERF has a service contract with Veolia Water Technologies which also includes the AQUAMOVE Contingency Plan, so one call to their Account Manager had an AQUAMOVE mobile solutions plant on site within a few hours.

The Result

  • AQUAMOVE units were on site within a few hours
  • Allowed continued waste processing and power generation
  • No chemicals or wastewater from MOFI™