Mobile Water Solutions for Chemelot, Netherlands

Mobile Water Solutions for Chemelot, Netherlands

Client Needs

A maintenance outage for both demineralisation plants was planned for the summer 2012. With the whole Chemelot campus depending on them, and only two days of buffer storage capacity, EdeA could not afford for anything to go wrong which would extend the outage. They turned to Veolia.

Our Solution

Veolia’s solution was to supply an AQUAMOVE™ mobile unit for each demineralisation plant. Each unit consisted of a MORO-4x24T reverse osmosis unit with a MODI-15000 ion exchange polisher giving a total capability of 100m3/h of 0.1μS/cm demineralised water. The mobiles were on site for the week of the outage to provide emergency cover to meet the site demand. The MORO reverse osmosis systems generate a permeate typically of conductivity typically less than 10μS/cm which can be polished to better than 0.1μS/cm by a mixed bed. The MODI mixed bed is not regenerated onsite but, when it becomes exhausted it is returned to Veolia’s central media regeneration station. This means that there is no requirement for chemicals or for effluent disposal from the AQUAMOVE™ plant which could interfere with the plant maintenance work.

The Result

  • Security of supply
  • Minimal loss of production
  • No impact on maintenance procedures