Veolia Water Technologies - Case Studies - Mobile Solutions Solve a Commissioning Problem, UK

Mobile Solutions Solve a Commissioning Problem, UK

Client Needs

The river water was pre-treated prior to demineralisation using a conventional cation-anion-mixed bed ion exchange system with intermediate degassing. During commissioning the demineralisation plant failed to meet the required 0.1μS/cm conductivity specification and the problem was traced to a high total organic carbon content in the river water.

The pre-treatment process provides good removal of high molecular weight humic acids but not the lower weight fulvic acids. These passed into the ion exchange plant causing organic fouling and a resultant high conductivity which threatened the commissioning programme and ongoing plant efficiency. The Project Manager had previous experience of a similar problem and knew exactly what to do: he called Veolia Water Technologies AQUAMOVE team.

Our Solution

The AQUAMOVE team provided two 25m3/h MORO mobile reverse osmosis units to treat the filtered water, removing the traces of organics and reducing the total dissolved solids (TDS) concentration prior to demineralisation.

The Result

  • Fouling problem eliminated
  • Commissioning completed according to programme
  • Reduced demineralisation plant operating costs